About Us

Pat and Mike, retired from corporate life and  operated a bed and breakfast for 12 years, they spend about five weeks a year in France, visiting new spots and taking advantage of new views of previously visited areas.  Change happens, even in France and some places like Pont du Gard have a totally new look, in terms of access and visitor amenities. As for barging on the canals and rivers of France, this will be their third time – but on the largest boat they have ever handled. Driving a car in France is fairly easy, directions are not; so, we brought our Garmin along and named her Frances. Trains in France are modern and a quick way to move from point A to point B. And, in Paris the Metro is the way to go. We have moved from Richmond Virginia to Mathews Virginia and have a cottage on Doctors Creek and have just completed a renovation consuming much of our time the past year.

Were looking forward to enjoying the renovated cottage.  We headed to Vietnam in February of 2018 for about a month and will return to enjoy the summer, probably headed back to France in the winter of 2018/2019.