JFK to Korea and on to Vietnam

If you are reading this post it means we have arrived at JFK Airport in NY via private transport, it probably about 2100 on February 9, 2018. Our flight departs on 2/10 at 0050 (12:50 AM for non-military folks) We arrive in Seoul S. Korea at 0515 (2/11/2018) we depart for Hanoi at 0810 and arrive 1110 hours at Hanoi’s Noi Bai International Airport. We are then picked up and taken the the hotel.

Let the adventure begin!

It’s now 0545 in Korea. We have arrived at Seoul/Incheon and are sitting with the masses because the Sky Club does not open until 0700 and we board at 0740, bummer. We had two good meals on the plane and excellent service. Cudos to Pat for wanting to fly business class, our seat actually turned into beds.

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